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About me


My name is Olivier Raulin. As you might guess from how my name sounds, I am french.
I have been working as a systems engineer for more than years now, and I am years old.
Born in Nantes, I currently live near Paris, for the main reason that more jobs are located there.

How I got to computers

You might ask yourself how I did begin working with computers?
Well, I got my first computer at 11. Quickly, I got passionate about how it worked, and tested several Linux distributions as soon as the early 2000's (Mandrake, Aurox, Suse, etc.) before the creation of Ubuntu, which I used for some time, before switching exclusively on Debian. The switch was initiated after Ubuntu switched the default desktop environment from Gnome (2) to Unity.
At those times, using a webcam or a USB ADSL modem was really fun (yes, that's ironic :-) ). And I am not even talking about the first Wi-Fi adapters that we were able to find!

Since then, I have been continously fond of computers, and technology in general.
During my teenage years I used to create some small websites that were absolutely amazing, and are thankfully gone today.
I also have been hosting those small projects on dedicated servers for a time, until I switched to self-hosting in the beginning of 2019, thanks to a fast and stable fiber connection.

How I am / How I work

I like things organized. I am not much a fan of last-minute plans, and being ahead of problems brings me peace of mind.
A little bit of laziness comes with me. You could consider it as a drawback, but it actually comes with some advantages: I prefer finding clever and simple solutions to a problem than working too hard and finally abandon because it was too difficult.
Bill Gates would definitely hire me ;-)
The KISS principle, coming from the Unix world, would apply to my work. I tend to cut big problems into smaller problems, and find to each a simple and easily understandable answer.
Written communication is far easier for me than a spoken conversation. I tend to have a more precise and matured written expression. I do not participate much in big meetings, because ideas coming out alone in a conversation might need some reflexion on top of if.
I often imagine ways to improve things (even outside of my work), but I can become frustrated if unjustified decisions are stopping my ambitions too often.
I definitely know to acknowledge my mistakes, but I usually hate when decisions come from upper hierarchy without a proper explanation of the ins ant outs. This is an extension of my will to understand everything (and everyone) that I am supposed to work with.

What I like to do during my free time

I like a lot playing board games, even complicated ones. Getting to know how the game works during the first play, messing around while getting to the strategy is a motivating experience.
Watching TV series is also of interest to me, mostly about science fiction, adventure, epic, but not exclusively. I sometimes go to the movies, also.

I also find interest in nature (camping, hiking, ecology, etc.)

Oh, and I almost forgot I like beer.

If I should resume my computer skills, I would say that I am pretty generalist. I am more specialized in systems engineering, but I am able to read / write some code (altough I do not really like it in the long run), I understand a lot of networking concepts, and I also find a particular interest in the security field, and gaining experience in pentest is a strong interest at the moment.